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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


sumwhere in 2007 - his name was first mentioned to me by his friend..with no any intention

23/08/2008 - first time eyes to words. it starts with a smile ;)

15/09/2008 - he added me via friendster...
i sent him a smile ;)...
& we became 'silent' friend...we talk by our heart~

27/11/2008 - after about 2 months gap....he sent a msg asking regarding eurotrip
i replied & no more msg after that...
again,we talk by our heart & soul~

31/12/2008 - a 'selamat tahun baru hijrah' msg from him...

10/01/2009 - bad toothache,sweet msg from him....& we started ym-ing ;)

08/08/2009 - first time hearing his voice...first time talking via phone...
after 7 months we became friend...

25/04/2010 - the day he brought the 'love of his life' a.k.a ME to meet his family ;)

18/09/2010 - our engagement ;)

we dont have official date...

but i know, sumhere in the middle, we've already in love...until now....hopefully till our end of life..


sayang awak always ;)

time is getting shorter

4 months 4 weeks to go...

i'm getting more nervous..

tonneesss of things to be done

n i dont haf lots of time to settle it

n i'm soooo berserabut to prioritize things


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hantaran untuk kande

Hantaran for him

  1. Sirih junjung
  2. Jam tangan - checked
  3. Oakley - checked
  4. Perfume - checked
  5. Kasut - checked
  6. Set belt & wallet & kemeja or GPS - nak tgk time year end sale bln 12
  7. Buah2an
  8. Coklat
  9. Bunga rampai

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